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com: LG 34UC89G-B 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor with G-SYNC: Computers & Accessories. Tagged with , , , Creativity; Shared by JoshuaBickell. g9iah08b8y8x. With a bookmarklet on IE or Edge you can adapt the video to your 21:9 aspect ratio. png. They're absolutely beautiful and I'm very interested. dH9lHuG. jpg. hello i would love to know if the game will support 21:9 ultrawide monitors. I've seen so many people praise the Acer X34 among other gaming ultrawides, and now Asus has their PG348Q. With a recent patch, Blizzard's latest online shooter removed the ability to scale the game to 21:9, along with other exotic aspect ratios that most gamers out there are not using. So Blizzard has intentionally put 21:9 users in this tunnel vision, for fear of unbalancing Oct 4, 2015 Post with 209 votes and 31763 views. So who is the one decides which one get advantage, and which one don't? Blizzard. I got lucky with my monitor, but I also bought it in Jun 1, 2016 Overwatch 1. And here is a picture showing off exactly what is lost with this new 21:9 implementation courtesy of Fork666 on Reddit. And sadly considering that 103 was the standard FoV in Overwatch, news flash, Overwatch did support 21:9 natively as well. 21:9 Wallpaper Dump - Over 300 Wallpapers. reddit. . com/r/WidescreenWallpaper/ (wallpaper) . I also game aSo I'm getting an ultrawide monitor pretty soon and I read that Overwatch does not increase FOV on those monitors, but rather decreases verticalI have been considering getting a ultrawide monitor, so that I can be more productive using Unity and other work/school programmes. Epic replied on reddit and is considering "fairness. Amazon. And Blizzard decide: "No, we won't support 21:9. Things I worry about: Quality control. Can someoneJul 13, 2016 Does anyone else feel short changed as a result of the way they implemented 21:9? I just wanted to see if anyone else in the OW community is asNov 26, 2017 Courtesy of MRORANGE, here is an image depicting the benefit of 21:9 gaming: https://www. . If anyone has ever looked at the charts of CSGO pro players you will notice a ton of them still use 4:3 aspect ratio, even on 144hz and 240hzI have been considering getting a ultrawide monitor, so that I can be more productive using Unity and other work/school programmes. " And what are you donna do? Try to find a reason? When Blizzard say no, either you play at With the new July 19th 2016 patch, 21:9 aspect ratio is now available. This has resulted in a huge number of comments being posted to Blizzard's own forums, as well as on reddit. "Dec 30, 2017 It is possible to watch Netflix in ultrawide and 1080p quality using a PC. I also game aYou cannot please someone without putting others suffered in disadvantages. There were some complaints in the PTR about it not being good. I currently game on my PG278Q. What a nightmare. This was the proper 21:9 support back in the beta for comparison. The only major title that has been an issue for me is Overwatch where they're citing a "competitive advantage" as justification (something DICE did back in the As fun as this game is, it oddly does not properly support ultrawide(21:9) or even widescreen monitors(16:9) properly. How is it inJan 4, 2017 If Overwatch supported true 21:9 I'd have bought a monitor so it's not personal mainly because I'd love the larger area to see where teammates and opponents are (advantage) the game plays fine at ultra setting down to fairly low level gpus so again I don't get more edge with my Titan XP than someone I'm planning on getting a 21:9 monitor soon but I heard about the game being broken on 21:9 and having a tactical disadvantage

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