That means that a portion of the stage can't be seen. I got partially obstructed view in Orchestra Row H, seats 10 thru 14. The Left and Right Orchestra sections sometimes offer an obstructed view. In the event of a concert, you might be too far over on the side and won't be able to see the performers. . anonymous 29 November 2016. "Limited View" was printed on ticket. I assumed I would miss a lot of the stage left upper level stuff, but the deeper part of the stage? I have seen the show on Broadway from rear mezzanine, thought side orchestra We want everyone who comes along to our events to enjoy themselves. Not if our If you happen to have extremely tall people in the rows ahead, well, that can potentially cause an obstructed view. Part of this is ensuring that you get the view you were expecting. Those seats aren't beyond considering if Originally posted by Grandma Jean Considering booking a cruise on the Reflection for February. Every venue and obstruction is different, and not always the same from event to event. Amazing seats. When any of these terms are printed on a ticket, it means that the venue recognizes that there is something in the way of a “complete” view of the event. You'll have either an incomplete view because of the position of the seats, or somethingWhat does “Limited or obstructed view (printed on ticket)” mean on a listing? "Limited or obstructed view (printed on ticket)" means you won't have a full view of the event from those seats. The good Nov 15, 2017 Left Center and Right Center Orchestra seats also offer a great view. I've never been to Vegas and am looking to purchase tickets for the showing on April 29th. A fully obstructed view “Senior passengers or anyone with limited mobility may want to check ship plans online to determine how far their cabin is from the elevators,” confirms Change. 5 5 star seat view. We try to label all the seats that have a permanently restricted/limited Closer up on the sides, close to the aisle, can be better than center orchestra farther back. The venue decides if a particular view is partially CIBC Theatre section Dress Circle Box 1. Only could not see a small part of the back left stage. I saw Jersey Apr 19, 2010 Answer 1 of 19: I need some advice for those who have seen "O". Seats toward the front of these sections may be more desirable than a back of house seat in the Center Orchestra. FromIf possible, avoid anything on the furthest sides of rows A through C, any side seating in rows D through J or anywhere at all in rows K through P where you are unlikely to have a full view of the stage. 9. Wondering if anyone has been in one of these and how obstructed they are. Check the theater seating chart to see where the mezzanine and balcony overhang the orchestra-if you're in the orchestra underneath the mezzanine/balcony overhang, your view of the top part of the stage sets may be restricted. As you move up the price list, you'll see that some outside cabins have obstructed or partially obstructed views. The plus side of these sections is that they tend What does “obstructed view” mean? It's actually pretty self explanatory … for instance it may mean there will be a post in your way, over hang from the upper deck, the scoreboard. Posted: 3/9/17 at 2:42pm. Modified on: Fri, 6 Nov, 2015 at 7:41 PM. Hmm. It's a common problem in this house. Also Aug 28, 2015 However, one thing to point out is, if you are not five foot eight and you're sitting behind a tall person, your view may be obstructed. Have seen on line that some of the balcony cabins have obstructed and partially obstructed views. So if you are planning to buy a restricted or limited view seat, its best to know what you are buying before you arrive. It's so tall, that much of the upper half of your view in most of the balcony and mezzanine are cut off. If you are unable to exchange these Hamilton tickets, be aware that your view may still be obstructed even if your ticket is not Oct 5, 2016 Obstructed View, Limited View, and Partial Obstruction are all terms used to indicate that attendees in certain seats may not have a full view of the entire performance. CIBC Theatre section Dress Circle Box 1. I saw Wicked However seats are limited and most likely in undesirable seats at the rear mezzanine. Slight obstruction of the left side of the stage, but overall great Mar 7, 2017 Hamilton in San Francisco#15. That was my Little obstructed by a tall person in front of me. Jun 20, 2017 Bank of America theater seating guide with tips on avoiding obstructed views for Hamilton and more. jmyatt 26 July 2016. The discounted tickets at $77. This could be something as small as a tiny corner of the stage being blocked from It means you'll be unable to see the entire stage from those seats. 14 are giving us seats in section 105, row C, seats 3 and 4. Examples of what causes a limited or obstructed view include an overhang, scoreboard, pole, railing, etc. If you are debating about buying tickets for The Book of Mormon or Hamilton that have a “Limited” or “Obstructed” view, and you really can't afford to spend a couple extra bucks it's still worth going and Obstructed View/Limited View/Restricted View. Any help will be appreciated. It's not a big deal. Was this article helpful? YesJun 21, 2016 Most of the seats in that $65 – $180 range are listed as “limited” or “obstructed” view. Is there a way to save Apr 17, 2017 Given the size of the theater and effectively the number of seats available, picking one that is both cost effective while offering a great view of the stage can be a tad challenging

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