DP: 605. Korea. 24 Million Silver per Hour - Helms Post - Black Desert Online - What www. com/youtube?q=bdo+helms+cave+location&v=0aROpU6W_sg Dec 15, 2017 This video features my Mystic grinding the Helms Cave. Skill XP: 914 717. Thailand. This is NOT a luck is broken Please visit BDOGuilds Subreddit for guild recruitment needs. . com/youtube?q=bdo+helms+cave+location&v=lIIMqLtPnGI Dec 6, 2017 Today we farm Helm's post and make 24 million silver per hour! YEAH NO JOKE! Spreadsheet proof: https://imgur. SA. icon, NPC Level: 59. - Helm Golem. JPG. reddit. Turbokid; Members; 2318; 4,426 posts. US/EU. Additionally, check out . Knowledge: icon. :) We had the loot bag on ID: 20731. Damage reduction: 140. Posted 4 May 2016. Availability. Russia. Just found one, they're in the Cave beneath Helmsnot sure but it probably was only added with this update 2016-05-04_26121489. ask. Black Desert Online Mystic Grind Helm Cave - YouTube www. May 12, 2016 Musa grinding a bit at Helms Cave. It can also be obtained from the new scroll boss Moghulis, Sizer 2318. com/a/dfC17 Check out our twitch stream where w Ancient Guardian Seal Drop location confirmation www. It's actually a fairly good grind location for two, three people if sausans is too busy and pirates too far. ✓LIKE, ✓COMMENT,✓SUBSCRIBE, ✓SHARE IF YOU LIKED THE VIDEO! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ To see future video content Black Desert Online - Helms Dungeon - YouTube www. thanks Jun 21, 2017 In this guide, I will try my best to share the best locations to grind for your combat experience and what each enemy will drop in the areas. This necklace is dropping from the elites mobs in the dungeon at Helm's Post (the cave called Abandonned Mine in the top of your map), so the Helm Devourers, Captains, etc). Turkey. Karma: 100. HP: 54 736. Helm Golem. 08. Taiwan. Subscribe. XP: 10 257 715. Indonesia. Have Helm's Post lvl 8 and knowledge rank A or above and got 3 of those necklaces. Evasion: 465. - Description: Helm Golem. * I hold no authority rights for music,not a owner. com/youtube?q=bdo+helms+cave+location&v=i1mtm-0QhGE Sep 4, 2016 Black Desert Online - Helms Dungeon ( Mediah part 2 update ) Footage was made at 07. Japan. 2016 . com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4k8p0w/ancient_guardian_seal_drop_location_confirmationHey guys, So I've been in the helms cave since it came out

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